NTS Kandana - Research workshop for Nurses - January 2015


IIHS organized this workshop inviting the students from Nurses’ Training School in Kandana to give insight to research methodology and to create awareness about the importance of research among the students. These types of workshops enable them to broaden their academic and professional careers.

College of Medical Administrators - February 2015

Promoting health tourism – Program for medical administrators

Nurses Training School , Colombo – 2015

IIHS visits Nurses Training Schools in different parts of the country to conduct workshops on various topics which are needed for these nurses to upgrade their professional skills. Introduction to research methodology is one of the topics that our academics have selected to discuss in this workshop which was held for an audience of 50 nurses at the Nurses’ Training School – Colombo.


Zero Sport Injuries – For school Children - April 2015

The prime objective of the conference is to improve the basic knowledge of sports injuries and effective prevention in Sri Lanka.


RTA – Police

“Riya Anathuru Saha Ran Paya” – RTS – Golden Hour was organized with the objective to improve awareness among police men, women and the community in managing Road Traffic Accidents and First Aid.


Cycle parade – Good Food Festival-June 2015

A cycle parade was organized as an activity to create awareness among school children about the importance of being healthy. Cycling was promoted as one of the activities that all could do to keep ourselves healthy. This Cycle Parade “Geared Up” was organized along with the “Good Food Festival” organized by UNICEF, Cycle Federation – Sri Lanka and many other national organizations on 27th June 2015 at Viharamahadevi Park, Colombo.


Firs Aid – OKI International School

IIHS visited OKI International School, Wattala to conduct a session on first aid. This workshop enabled the school children to learn about the correct method of giving first aid and the importance of giving first aid correctly in an emergency. These types of workshops gives the opportunity to for the community (specially school children) to acquire knowledge at no cost and upgrade their skills.


First Aid – Adyapana Exhibition , 2014

IIHS attended the educational exhibition “Adyapana” and as a way of showing our identity as healthcare professionals in the industry, a first aid demonstration session was organized in our stall. This activity disseminated knowledge to a wider community as many people witnessed the demonstration.